We forgot the password to connect as a charity. How can we restore?

No worries. We all sometimes forget!

In this case, a password reset must be performed.

You must connect to the charity login area by clicking on 'Login' on the JGive main page and then 'Charity.

Now click "Forgot my password".

At the end of the process, you will be asked to enter the e-mail with which you registered on the site and to which the password verification will be sent.

Please note, sometimes the email ends up in the spam or sales folder, so check there as well.

In the next step, enter the new password and you can easily continue generating activity on the site.

*Don't remember the email you registered with? Please verify this with our support at support@jgive.com, don't forget to mention the name and number of the charity in the email you send us*

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