I want to donate to a certain charity that does not appear in the database of nonprofits on your website. What should I do?


There are over 1600 registered nonprofits in our database, but it is likely that you will want to donate to a nonprofit that is not registered.

The option to donate to a nonprofit that is not registered is open only to registered donors, so please make sure you have a user and are connected to your personal account. (How do you know you are actually connected? If "my account" appears at the top of the home page, and not “login”, then you are!) 


Next, search for the nonprofit you wish to donate to in the search tab at the top of the home page:

If the nonprofit is registered to the JGive platform, it will quickly appear in the search. If not, you will be directed to a designated link through which you can donate to it:


Once you click on the link, you will be asked to indicate in the "comments" field the name and number of the nonprofit.

If you don’t know the official name or number, just search on the Guidestar website (the official website of Israel's nonprofits). You can reach the site by clicking on the link in the pop-up on the upper right.


At this point, the donation process will be completed and we will take it from there! Your donation will be transferred to the nonprofit selected. 


If you encounter any problem please email us at support@jgive.com and we will be happy to help with any problem and answer any question.

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