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In case you didn’t know, the State of Israel offers a tax credit of up to 35% on donations made to recognized charities. To make the process simpler, we created a system that consolidates all your donations into one receipt!


What exactly is a tax credit for donations?

In order to encourage social involvement and philanthropy, for each donation made the state offers a tax receipt to donors so that they can in turn request a tax refund for the donation. 


How does it work?

Anyone who donated over NIS 190 to a recognized Israeli organization that received approval according to Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance is entitled to an income tax credit that year. It is usually an amount of up to 35% refund on donations over NIS 190, depending on the amount and other variables. This money belongs to you and we are here to help you get it, completely free!


Before getting started, you should know: 

Official receipts - the request for a tax refund can only be submitted for donations whose official receipts were not downloaded during the calendar year. Downloading the original receipt prevents you from declaring to the Israeli Tax Authority that the request is unique and no further attempts have been made to receive a tax refund for the same donation. 


Associate all of your donations to your name- Made a donation when you were not signed in to your account? No worries, you can add these receipts to your consolidated receipt if you used the same email address. Our system will automatically detect if there are donations that are not yet associated with the account and will ask if you would like to associate them. You can also always do it yourself, with the help of this guide. 



Our innovative digital system groups all your receipts into one consolidated receipt with just a few simple clicks.


1. Enter the personal area of the website by clicking on “My account” and then on “'My personal account.”


2. Once you are in your personal account, click on “Centralized Invoice” in the tab bar on the right, and then on the “Let's get started” button in the center of the page.


3. After a few automated questions, follow the prompts and you’re done! 


Below is an explanation of the questions you will encounter throughout the process:

Freelancer - Click on “Freelancer” if you want to generate a consolidated receipt for your accountant or if you want to continue the process independently. The receipt will be sent to your email after filling in the details.


Payroll Employee - Click on “Employee” if you want to generate a consolidated receipt for income tax, or if you want to generate a consolidated receipt for previous years.


Current year or previous years?

Current year - If you choose the current year, a consolidated receipt will be sent to your email to complete the process with the Israeli Tax Authority.

Previous year - By choosing previous years, you can generate a consolidated receipt for a year of your choice if you contributed more than NIS 190 in that year. A tax refund for previous years is a complex process that usually requires an accountant. We can provide you with a receipt, but from there you will have to proceed independently.


4. The next step is done directly through the Tax Authority website - login, fill in the details, and upload the consolidated receipt file.


Some more information:

1. You can receive a tax credit only for donations made through JGive during the last tax year (calendar year) and only for original receipts you have not downloaded yet. Don't worry, after every donation through JGive we remind you not to download the original receipt.

2. The amount of the credit is up to 35% of the total donation and is dependent on paying income tax at a minimum amount of the credit. For example: an employee who contributed 1,000 in a given year will receive a credit of 350 NIS - provided that he paid more than 350 NIS in income tax that year.

3. The minimum annual contribution amount to qualify for a tax credit is NIS 190.

4. To submit an application for a tax credit through your employer, you must find out whether they are willing to submit it for you (this is possible only in workplaces that employ over 50 employees and that choose to allow employees to do so).

5. If you are eligible for tax relief for additional reasons (disability percentage, discharged soldier, new immigrant, etc.) - you must fill out Form 116 manually and submit the request for tax credit independently.


If you encounter any problem please email us at and we will be happy to help with any problem and answer any question.

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