Nice to meet you, we are JGive! We want to tell you a little about ourselves.

Who are we?

The JGive website is a nonprofit project to increase the volume of donations among the general public in Israel and the Jewish world in general. It is a smart donation platform that brings the most advanced technology to the nonprofit world. The most significant advantage for nonprofit organizations that raise funds through JGive is that, for the first time, there is a simple and accessible system that coordinates the variety of innovative tools needed by the nonprofit to collect donations online. All this while significantly saving on financial costs.

It is important to emphasize that in the basic track we offer there are no fees or brokerage costs, so the donation goes in full to the nonprofit. This is thanks to the fact that all the overhead costs are financed by the Asor Fund (a nonprofit with approval according to section 46).

Who runs the project?

JGive was established by the Asor Fund, an Israeli registered nonprofit organization (580586998) founded in 2014 with the aim of encouraging philanthropy and expanding the circle of giving in and to Israel. Most of the development and establishment costs of JGive are backed by major philanthropists who partner with us and share our vision. We believe that together, we can build new technological infrastructures that will strengthen and increase the scope of giving worldwide.

What do we offer?

The main tools we offer to nonprofit organizations (without additional costs) for increasing the volume of donations are:

  • Establishing campaigns of various types for mass mobilization 
  • Synchronization with social networks for simple marketing  that enables reaching new audiences that have not yet been exposed to the nonprofit
  • An advanced automatic receipt system that immediately sends a receipt to the donor's email (in the name of the receiving nonprofit) which will save time and money and will eliminate the need to send manual receipts
  • Donation box for embedding on the website - a dedicated processing button that can be embedded on your nonprofit’s website, used to process donations via credit card and even recurring payments with one click!
  • Tax refunds in Israel and abroad (USA, Canada and England)! Today, donors in the USA, Canada and England will also be able to benefit from tax refunds for donating to any recognized nonprofit. 
  • A unique service in Israel - tax refund with a click. Donors will be able to claim tax for their donations throughout the past year. In a simple and easy process on the JGive website at the end of the calendar year.
  • Free web presence and branding under the JGive website which is home to over 1500 nonprofits.
  • Tools for managing DATA, monitoring the source of donations, polling audiences, and more.

Now that you learned a bit about us, we would be happy to learn about you :)

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