How can a donor donate by check in the US?

Easily! At JGive you can also receive check donations from the USA. 

First, the donor must make the donation on the nonprofit’s page or project page in USD and choose the option of bank transfer/check. Please note that the minimum for a dollar check donation is $36.

After the donation is made on the website, the system generates a transaction code (WT code) for the donation, which must be attached to the check or sent to us for tracking purposes at It is very important that the check has an associated WT code so that we can make sure the check reaches its final and correct destination.  

The check must be made out to:

JGive - Friends of Asor Fund USA, Inc.

Kindly send the check to our US address:

Yosef Segal - JGive - Friends of Asor Treasurer

43 Lublin Tr.

Lakewood, NJ 08701

or to our offices in Israel:

JVP complex

24 Hebron Street


The following details must be included in the envelope:

  • Name of the nonprofit to which the donor wishes to donate
  • Name of the project to which the donor wants to contribute
  • WT code he received when donating on the website
  • Email address to which the receipt can be sent

After we receive the check, we will enter it into our system so that you (the nonprofit) will receive an update on the arrival of the donation. We will send the receipt to the donor's email address. Click here for information on which methods the donations are transferred for the nonprofit and when.


Note for nonprofits receiving USD donations: In order to receive the donation, the nonprofit receiving funds must sign on a form for these purposes with JGive- Asor Fund. This is a one time form. If you are not sure whether you have signed on this form or not, please reach out to our support team ( and inquire regarding your status. 

If you have not yet signed the form for receiving funds from JGive- Asor Fund - click here.


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