How can a donor make a wire transfer from the US?

If a donor wants to make a bank transfer in dollars he will have to donate over $36.

In such a case, the bank transfer option will automatically open for him on the website; He will mark it and press finish to receive the transaction code (WT code) to the donor email

After the donor completes the donation procedure on the campaign or charity page on JGive, they will receive an email containing the account details. This will enable the donor to fulfill the intended donation.

Note for charities receiving USD donations: In order to receive the donation, the charities receiving funds must sign on a form for these purposes with JGive- Asor Fund. This is a one time form. If you are not sure whether you have signed this form or not, please reach out to our support team ( and inquire regarding your status. 

If your charity has not signed yet the form for receiving funds from JGive- Asor Fund - click here.


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