What design options are available for campaigns?

There are three main designs on the JGive website, and additional design options for a mega campaign

Standard design
The default design of all campaigns on the site.
Click Here for a guide on how to create a campaign 

In a standard design, you can choose a name, slogan, description, and up to 3 photos and/or videos to be displayed on the campaign page.

Banner campaign design
Banner design option in the campaign with additional design options.

you can choose a name, description, 3 photos and / or a clip, a template color, and an icon

How to Upgrade to a Banner Campaign Design

Before starting the process, we recommend preparing media of the appropriate sizes. The dimensions can be found on this page.

To update a banner image for your campaign follow the instructions:

Click on 'My Account', then on the name of your charity to reach the charity area.
In the charity area, click on the 'Campaigns' tab on the Left side of the screen.
On the campaigns page, find the campaign you want to change and click on the 'edit' button on the right side of the table.
Advance to "Step 3 - What do you see?" You will now be given the option at the bottom of step 3 to mark the option to add a banner:

Important Highlights:

    • You must choose images in both Hebrew and English; the campaign will not copy media from one language to another.

    • If you have not selected a banner in one of the languages, the default banner will be displayed.

    • Desktop banner dimensions: 1920x523 (for computers) Mobile banner dimensions: 640x420 (for phones)

    • Images must be horizontal, in JPG format, and the file size should be under 1MB.

    • If you wish to include a video clip in the banner, please insert the link to the clip in the designated boxes under the caption "edit banner," where it says "video link.

Now, you have additional design options, if you want, you can skip them and click 'Send for approval' to save the changes, and you're done! (Confirmation is done automatically and there is no need to wait)

Progress bar settings
The progress bar settings will open once you select "Special Design" at the top of the page.

Pattern Color - The pattern color of the progress bar.


An icon showing the progress of the meter (for example - like the heart in the picture)
You can choose from the icons offered, or alternatively upload your own icon.
The recommended icon size is 128x128 pixels, and in an SVG file.

Preview Window
A preview window that simply shows the design of your progress bar.

Collect campaign design
A collect page design is intended for the charity's personal donation page
There is one collect page for each charity by default.
Click here for a guide on the collect page

In designing a collect page you can choose a name, description, and choose one or two background colors.

More design options in the collect campaign

Change the background color - you can choose a color or two that will appear in the background of the donation page.


After you've finished designing, click the 'Send for approval' button at the bottom of the page to save the changes, and you're done!
(Confirmation is automatic and there is no need to wait.)

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