Just as there are ambassadors, there are also teams. Teams comprise ambassadors and can serve any purpose you desire.

For instance, consider a network of schools initiating a main campaign. Each school forms a team, and within each team, there are ambassadors representing that particular school (such as a class representative).

Teams can be established within an existing ambassador campaign. All you need to do is create the teams and link the ambassadors to them.

If you haven't set up an ambassador campaign yet, click here for a guide on how to do so.

Please pay attention! We recommend creating the groups before adding the ambassadors, as the ambassadors source their content from the groups they are associated with.

How do you create Teams?

  1. You must enter the area of the charity > Campaigns and search for the requested campaign
  2. After that, you need to click on Manage Ambassadors from the right side of the table
  3. This button will take you to the ambassador campaign page, click on the Teams tab under the page title
  4. Now, click on the Add Team button above the table on the right, a window will open in which you will have to enter the ambassador's information. Here is a picture with an explanation of how to fill in the details, the red captions are mandatory fields and the blue captions are optional fields:

Click the Submit button, and you're done! All that remains is to add ambassadors to teams, ambassadors can be added to teams by charity when creating the ambassador, or by quick editing afterward on the ambassador management page.

Editing existing Teams

Teams can be edited on the same page where you created the Team (Campaigns > Ambassador Management > Team tab).
All you have to do is click the edit button next to the desired group in the table and you can edit the group details exactly as you created it.

Effects on the ambassadors in the team

  • When you create an ambassador and add him to the team, the ambassador will pull all the information from the team except for the name of the campaign.
  • If the ambassador has already been created and only then added to the team, he will not pull the information.
  • If at any stage you make changes to the team's text and media, all team ambassadors will only pull the team's media.
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