What donation options are available on campaign pages?


During the second stage of campaign creation - Payment Box, options become accessible for you to customize the methods through which donors can donated.

In this guide, we will provide a detailed overview of these choices to assist you in launching the campaign in precisely the way you envision.

If you haven't yet created a campaign, please click here for a step-by-step guide on getting started."

Donation Options:

Within the donation options, you have the flexibility to specify the types of contributions that donors can make to the campaign.

  1. One-time donation only - This option allows for a one time donation, non-recurring donation without the possibility of setting up recurring donations.

  2. Donation by recurring donations only - This choice is exclusively for setting up recurring donations, excluding the option for one-time donations.

  3. One-time donation and recurring donations - With this option, donors can select either a one-time donation or a recurring donation, providing them with the flexibility to choose what they prefer.

Donation Target:

Within the target options, you have the ability to set a specific goal for the campaign and manage how it is presented.

Please note: The target option is entirely up to you. You have the flexibility to run a campaign without setting a specific target if you choose to do so.


You have the option to set a specific goal and target type according to your preferences (optional).

Please take note: The target is solely for display purposes. If you reach the target, donors can still continue to contribute. Conversely, if the goal is not met, you will still receive the full amount raised without any additional deductions.

You can find further details on this page.

  • Amount: The target will be a specific monetary amount.
  • Number of donations: The target will be a specific count of individual contributions.
  • Number of standing orders: The target will be a specific count of standing orders.
  • Number of ambassadors: The target will be a specific count of ambassadors

Show the target and the target percentage
Check this option to display the target on the campaign page and the target percentages (checked by default)


Donors can enter the donation amount they want to donate

This option empowers the charity to decide whether donors have the freedom to input their own donation amount.

Please be mindful! If you prefer not to allow donors to input their own donation amount, you must choose the suggested donation amounts (packages) option. Further information on this can be found later in the guide below.

Matching campaign

This option lets you turn the campaign into a matching. A matching campaign is a standard or ambassador campaign in which the association undertakes to double the amount donated, usually with the help of a large donation or previous income from the association.

For a guide on how to set up a matching campaign, click here

Advanced Donation Options:

You have the capability to include up to 5 recommended donation amounts (packages) that will be presented to donors during the donation process. This can be provided alongside the option for donors to manually input their own donation amount. For instance, you can assign specific amounts corresponding to the intended product or cause, like 200 for a food basket or 100 for clothing.

Please take note! It is imperative to input the suggested amounts in all available currency types.

PRO TIP - We recommend using our suggested donation amounts and not going below the default amounts.

Suggested Donation Amounts Options:

  1. Amounts Style - These are recommended donation values presented without a specific name or accompanying icon.

  2. Icon Style - This option includes suggested donation amounts along with a designated name or destination, accompanied by an associated icon.

  3. Description Style - This choice offers suggested donation amounts with a with a description to the specific amount


Choosing Confetti gives you the option to display a continuous animation of confetti on the page as shown in the video.
Always On - The confetti is always on.
Active upon reaching the destination - the confetti will be activated as soon as the campaign reaches the destination you have chosen for the campaign.

Ambassadors campaign

An ambassador campaign is a regular campaign under which there are sub-campaigns called "ambassadors", this option can be used as an example for schools that collect donations and want to create a competition between the classes, thus creating ambassadors by classes, etc.

For a guide to opening an ambassador campaign, click here.  

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