How to create a new campaign?

Each new campaign is another step on the way to fundraising for the charity!

  • To set up a new campaign on the website, you must first log in to your account as a charity.
    *Please note that you are connecting as a charity in the charity tab (for a guide on how to login, Click Here)
  • After login, click on my account on the right → (name of your charity).

Then click on the right side on campaigns → and on the right side on the new campaign button.

Step 1 - General

Now fill in the details step by step.

  • Name and sub title of the campaign - fill in a title and sub title for the campaign in Hebrew and English.
    A good description will help donors understand the purpose of your campaign, so we recommend entering a description in both languages.

PRO TIP  We recommend adding the name of the charity to the name of the campaign or to the slogan to facilitate the search for the campaign on the website as well as its promotion in the search engines.

Date and time for the end of the campaign - must be filled in if there is an end date for the campaign.
*If there is no date for the campaign, you can skip the box and leave it empty.

PRO TIP - We recommend adding the end time only 48 hours before the end of the campaign. Adding the clock in the last 48 hours is a great opportunity for both ambassadors and donors to get the feeling that this is the last chance to take part and you should mobilize for the success of the campaign.

  • Category - choosing a category and subcategory to which the campaign will be associated.
    (A correct choice will make it easier for donors to find the campaign in the website search)

The Story of the campaign - fill in a description of the purpose of the campaign in Hebrew and English.
A good description will help donors understand the purpose of your campaign, so we recommend entering a description in both languages. then click next.


  • If you are interested in an ambassador campaign, mark the Peer to Peer option with a V

  • Step 2 - How do you donate?

    Now answer the questions presented to you according to the specific campaign.

  • Donation options - choose whether you want to allow one-time donations only, only recurring donations, or one-time and recurring donations
  • Target options (optional) - choose whether you want the campaign to have a target, and what type of target (amount, number of donations, recurring, ambassadors, etc.).

There are other options for you to choose from that you can read about it in that guide

Step 3 - What do you see?

The Charity need to upload at least one photo/video to be displayed on the campaign page.

Media Upload:

  • If you want different images for each language, images must be uploaded in each of the languages.
  • If you upload media only in Hebrew, the system will display the media from the Hebrew language in both languages.
  • To upload an image, you must upload an image with a size of 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels high.
    *The file must be under 1MB. And narrow margins must be taken into account.
  • To upload a video, you must enter a link to a YouTube video.
    *Videos can only be uploaded using a YouTube link.
    * It is desirable that the video does not exceed a length of one minute.

Please note that you can now choose the image that will be displayed when you share the campaign link. After clicking on a share image button select image will be displayed when you share the link to the campaign.

If you're interested in having a banner for your campaign, you'll need to select the template color and design the progress bar from the available options. You can also upload an icon (in SVG format). And, of course, don't forget to check the banner option so you can upload it.

Once you check the option for a banner (by marking it with a V), the option to upload a banner for the campaign will automatically become available.

After uploading the banner, simply click on the "Finish" button, and you're done! You've successfully created a campaign. Mazel Tov! There's no need to wait for the campaign's approval; you can start working with it immediately.

PRO TIP  - If it is an ambassador campaign when editing the video through YouTube, upload the banner image you want to appear on the ambassador page. Click here for the guide for uploading a cover image on YouTube.

Important highlights:

  • You must choose images in Hebrew and English, the campaign will not copy the media from language to language.
    If you have not selected a banner in one of the languages, the banner that will be displayed is our default banner.
  • The media dimensions are 1920x523 for a desktop banner (computer), and 640x420 for a mobile banner
    The images must be horizontal, the supported file type is JPG, and the file must be under 1MB.
    ● If you want to place a clip in the banner, please insert the link to the clip in the boxes under the caption "Edit Banner", where it says "Video Link".

    ● If it is an ambassador campaign - the standard design will be the design of the ambassador pages, and the banner design will be the design of the main campaign.

    The banner will be displayed like this:

    - Now, you have more design options (template color, progress bar design, icon, etc.).
    Click here for a guide on the additional design options.
    - If you want, you can skip the design options and click Submit for approval, and you're done!
    pay attention! If the campaign has already been approved, the approval is done automatically and there is no need to wait. 

    We will be happy to help with any problem and answer any question at
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